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Showing at the Danaos Cinema in November!

The Students of Umberto Primo will be showing on 5 November 2022 and 6 November 2022 at the Danaos Cinema in Athens. Both showings will begin at 4:00pm (16:00).

For information and tickets, visit our page on the Danaos Theatre website.

Screening Information: When: Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November at 16.00 Where: Danaos Cinema (109, Kifissia Avenue, Ampelokipoi, Panormou Metro) Ticket: 8 euros; 6.50 at the counter (for special categories). Pre-sale: will open 1 week before the show at this link

The screening will be followed by a discussion / Q&A with director Alessandra Maioletti and co-screenwriter Antonio Crescenzi.


Press Release Screening of Docudrama THE STUDENTS OF UMBERTO PRIMO at Danao Cinema November 5 and 6 at 16.00.

The film THE STUDENTS OF UMBERTO PRIMO, directed by Alessandra Maioletti, will be screened on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November at 16.00 pm at Danao Cinema (109, Kifissia Avenue, Ampelokipoi, Panormou Metro), in the presence of the writer and co-screenwriter.

The film, which has caused emotion in packed halls at every festival it has participated in so far, has been honored with the following awards:

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival - Winner Best Documentary – 2022 San Francisco Greek Film Festival - Winner Best Documentary – 2022 London Greek Film Festival - Winner Best Documentary – 2022 Official Selection at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival – 2022

It all started in 2003 when Professor Antonio Crescenzi discovered an old archive of photographs, school reports, IDs and diplomas in the basement of the Italian Educational Institute in Thessaloniki. The building was once home to the Italian school "Umberto Primo," where hundreds of Jewish students attended until the 1941-42 school year.

Through the experiences of nine students, the film tells the story of the Holocaust in Greece, and more specifically, in Thessaloniki, where 96% of the city's Jews were taken to Auschwitz.

As the narrator, Crescenzi, will be the link for the unraveling of these stories. Through his own eyes we will also see the time frame in which these small and great stories unfold, from the first anti-Semitic measures of 1941 to Liberation.

The students' stories are also reinforced by the testimonies of Alberto Modiano and Drita Giomo, who were eyewitnesses to those events.

The documentary approaches the history of the Holocaust with a new directorial look and aims to cultivate a culture of memory as a common collective knowledge, develop a critical approach to the issues of our time, as thoughtful citizens or even a participatory conscience. This is why the film is particularly addressed to teachers and young people.

Screenplay - Idea: Antonio Crescenzi, Alessandra Maioletti

Directed by: Alessandra Maioletti

Photography Address: Dimitris Katsaitis

Music Composition: Christos David Daoulas

Screenography - Art Direction: George Georgiou, Lucas Economopoulos

Costume design: Vasilia Rosanna

Editing: Angelos Angelopoulos, Vangelis Pyrpilis

Make-up artist: Maria Ioannidou

Hair stylist: Katie Aravatinou

Assistant Director: Eugenia Maraguou

Sound Design: Anastasios Katsaris, Tonia Vlachos

Casting Director: Alessandra Maioletti

Actors: Giannis Triantakis, Christina Mathioulakis, Dimitra Derzekou, Lefteris Kolitsos, Sofia Scaramaga, Dinos Gelameris, Vina Sergis, Georgis Papadopoulos, Kostas Kaloudiotis Production: Oneiro Company

Co-Production: ERT, COSMOTE TV

Production By: Blacklight Productions

Executive Producers: Antonio Crescenzi, Diane Boulanger, Τάσος Κατσάρης

Supported by: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Athens from resources of the Greek-German Future Fund, Embassy of Italy Athens, ECOME, Italian Educational Institute, KickStarter, DESFA, RFG. Under the Aegida: EOT, Greek Holocaust Museum, Municipality of Thessaloniki

After the screening will follow a discussion with director Alessandra Maioletti and co-screenwriter Antonio Crescenzi.

Coordinating: On November 5 the director Aura Georgiou and on November 6 the journalist Dafni Scalionis.

Website of the movie:

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